Guy followed me

You know the feeling when a person enters the public transport and sits opposite of you, something just feels off about this person. Well, then your intuition is trying to tell ‘’ hey this guy feels suspicous, pay attention’’ always follow that feeling because it’s trying to protect you. Here’s my story.

When I was sitting I noticed a suspicious-looking guy entering the train, I was sitting close to the entrance right side and listening to music. This guy sits to the opposite left side, something about this guy just seemed off, he was charging his phone and using it. He got a call from someone and was talking, also texting someone. He glanced at me several times as well. I saw it through the reflection of the glass window, it made me uneasy. My reaction was to take off my earphones and pay attention to the guy. He had a Russian accent, heard it when he was talking.

Also, something told me that, would come off at the same stop as me. So naturally, I thought, I would take another route to my apartment to shake this guy off. There is four entrance to the train station which is underground, so I took a different one.

I came from the gym and wanted something to eat, so instead of going home, I went to the nearest store. As I was nearing the store, surprise I saw the same creepy guy from the train, just standing by the store entrance staring at me weirdly. Now I don’t know what was his motive going to the store or was waiting for someone there. I saw the look on his face and to me, it read like ‘’hey look I found you’’ like he knew I was going be there. All of this just felt off.

I don’t know if I’m being dramatic about this, but I am certain that something about this guy felt off and this whole experience. So I wanted to write about this, because I know that, there are other victims of stalking. So please, pay more attention to your surroundings and always follow your gut’s feeling.



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